Pomogrenade x Ants Craft

About Ants Craft

The Ants Craft is a lifestyle brand registered as a Public Charitable Trust that combines contemporary design and craft to deliver a unique range of designer products from the northeast and other parts of India. It aims to provide a platform to not only generate sustainable livelihoods, but also to tell inspirational stories of this region’s many communities with peace, love, respect and dignity as the four cornerstones. The organisation’s mission is to weave these core values into mainstream lives with ethically sourced fabric and craft. The sale of these products uplifts some of India’s most rural, poor, and voiceless communities in the north-eastern region and other parts of India.


Since 2007, The Ants Craft has protected traditions and provided livelihoods to more than 4000+ handloom weavers and artisans in India using in house state of the art, design & marketing services.They pioneer in working with artisans in conflict areas in the northeast. They have helped develop artisans into sustainable organised groups and have made it possible for other markets and organisations to approach these artisans thus providing the artisans with wider exposure and market opportunity.