Pomogrenade People

Introducing our tribe of strong women. They are experts in their own areas and have a strong point of view. So we thought it only right that they get a say about Pomogrenade too. Here's how these lovely girls styled their favourite products. 


Parinitha M.N

White Bias top- Pomogrenade

This is Parinitha M N- Jack of all trades.
The brains and the brawn behind Pariha Design Studio, where she creates beautiful contemporary Indian wear. This curly haired entrepreneur recognized her passion and started her company at a very young age. What began as hours of cutting patterns on the floor and painful hand work for each product has now evolved into a space that clients love.
She gives Pomogrenade two thumbs up because it gives her the freedom to navigate from a hard day of work to relaxing with a caramel latte at her favourite cafe. 

 Nisha Singh

Pomogrenade - Blue Bais Top

Say hello to Nisha, The fashion fortune teller.
An expert in creating interesting cuts - she deals with buyers, merchandisers and technicians on a daily basis to create interesting new silhouettes. Working as a senior executive designer for one of India's leading multinational retail groups, she believes that good design comes from good editing. 
She loves Pomogrenade because it checks all her boxes of being modern, minimal and fresh.

Sumedha Kandpal

Pomogrenade white peek a boo top

Meet  Sumedha - The craft connoisseur; The queen of hearts.
She is a communications & design expert - working closely with artisans from different clusters to bring together a multitude of traditional indian handicrafts to create contemporary products. In her time off she plays ultimate frisbee.  Known for her spirit and enthusiasm, this quick-footed athlete is quicker at conquering the hearts of teammates and opponents alike.
She finds Pomogrenade smart, interesting and loves it for the emphasis on comfort and its attention to detail.

Noella Cresence

Pomogrenade Blue Peek A boo top

Noella- The brand whisperer. 
A social media savant who freelances with many leading brands, she also writes scripts for various corporate ad films. She mixes her love for media, music, travel and sports in perfect harmony. With so many different aspects to her, this narrator-navigator always has something new and exciting around the corner.
She loves Pomogrenade because it feels fluid, lightweight & breathable - It gives her the flexibility to cruise through an array of activities with ease.

Dhatri H.V

Pomogrenade Madras check top

Say Hello to Dhatri.  Ms firecracker and an absolute all-rounder.
She’s a classically trained Khatak & Bharatnatyam dancer, a self-taught singer, an international ultimate frisbee athlete - Team India Mixed - WUGC 2016, and a budding architect- all set to break records. There is nothing this little power bank of a girl can’t do.
She’s a natural at mixing traditional and modern elements together in her architectural designs as well as in her personal sense of style. 
Dhatri loves the checked side button top from Pomogrenade as it perfectly blends bold colours & madras checks with an uber-functional silhouette to match her eclectic style. 


Burgundy side button top

Here Tejasviaka TJ. Happy hippie soul, The quirk queen. 
A true eco-warrior, she loves designing spaces that live and breathe. Spaces that are clean-cut, monochromatic, climate oriented and fused with nature. This (dream-time) Aurovilian loves to wander away, travel, sketch and paint. A peek into her travel journal and you'll see the journeys and stories of an artist in the making. 
The one thing you can't miss about this girl is her infectious spirit and zest for life. The adjustable line from Pomogrenade is all handmade with natural materials right down to the buttons. It is the guiltfree comfort and she loves us for it.

Sindhu HJ

Ochre crop top

Here’s  Sindhu, the Supergirl. 

By day, a geeky civil engineering student, she moonlights as an ultimate frisbee athlete. Don’t be fooled by her quiet exterior. Her super strength is a “heightened” sense of intellect that she uses to destroy monstrous projects deadlines.
She owns the essence of Pomogrenade - cool and quirky with a super dash of chutzpah.